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      Jonathan Bascope is a floral designer based in Northern Virginia. He got his start in the industry through Karin's Florist in the Fall of 2010. Beginning as a Sales Associate with no experience in floral, he would daily become inspired by the work of the artists there, and with his own creative background it was only natural that he would envision a transfer into Design. After serving as Sales Supervisor for two years, he finally made that move and began to find his footing in this new field of study. Jonathan took to floral design with exhilaration and vigor and within a few short years he was promoted to Design Manager. As manager, he enjoyed the balance of the artistic elements of being a florist as well as the organizational and structural aspects that brought about success to the business. Whether designing an original tribute piece for a families loved one or implementing protocols to streamline the function of the showroom, Jonathan brought passion and commitment to every assignment he took on. In 2020 he left floral design in a full-time capacity to pursue other interests, but he remains active in the industry as a free-lance designer. The development of this portfolio and the introduction of his premiere collection 'A Vision of Flowers in Motion' is an accomplishment he is ecstatic to share with the public.

A Vision of Flowers in Motion

"My debut collection 'A Vision of Flowers in Motion' is the assembly of years of work that introduces the viewer to who I am as a designer and my point of view as an artist. As a former dancer, gymnast, and pianist my world has always been an exercise in motion to bring about beauty. My fingers would race across the keyboard producing captivating sound. My arms and legs would stretch out to create intricate forms and propel me forward. When I found my professional calling as a florist, that movement found its way into my work and this collection is the culmination of it's development. Utilizing the organic shape of flowers, I strove to emphasize their natural path of motion through the use of exaggerated line and proportion, while maintaining balance through those same mechanisms. Bold color and texture added interest and depth to provide the finishing elements needed to complete each composition. 

While each arrangement felt like a success in it's own right, my finale piece is the one I'm most proud of. My mentor and friend, David Shover, is the reason I find myself here today. His contributions to the industry and the personal guidance he gifted me cannot be measured or fully appreciated, but it is my hope that even though he isn't here to see it, he would be proud of the work I've accomplished. To him and all my teachers, coworkers, family, and friends who've helped me along the way, this collection is dedicated to you. Thank you all, and please know that I couldn't have done it without you!"

-Jonathan Bascope

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